Illustration Friday

Its a bit last minute but thought I would give it a try. This weeks topic is swirl and I thought my Neptune illustration would be ideal!

This was how the ocean was made (in my head)

Hello 2017!

A new site, a new me.

Ok so after many attempts, trails and errors, and hours of Youtube tutorials. I’ve finally built some sort of website! It’s not the flashiest of sites but it will do (for now) Hopefully as time goes on. I’ll learn more and it will grow into a beautiful flower of arty goodness, or something…………………….

Anyway its a new year and I’m trying to be more organised and productive. Also to learn, develop and grow as an artist. So I’ve built the site to put myself out there more, discover new adventures, challenges and hopefully leave my mark on the world.

But its not just all about me. Hopefully others will discover my art and maybe learn something, be inspired or just simply enjoy and it to make there day. Like other talented folk have done for me.

Bring on 2017!